Water Drainage Solution

Drive water away with Hydroblox technology!

Increase Property Value


Prevent Damage

Hydroblox is the latest in drainage technology

A better performance drainage solution that’s lower cost, much easier to install, and, requires no maintenance, pipe, or gravel!

Gravel & pipe drainage is like horse & buggy transportation.
They were both great in the 1800’s!

HydroBlox Drainage & Stormwater Solutions vs. Old Methods

• Better Performance, Lower Cost
• NPDES, MS4 Water Runoff BMP
• No Gravel, Pipe, or Filter Fabric
• No Maintenance.
• Fraction of Install Time & Labor. Easy Installation.
• 100% Eco-Friendly Material & Process
• Dramatically Less Property Disruption
• No Expense for Excavated Soil Removal, Disposal

Each HydroBlox plank can carry roughly the same amount of water as a 4 inch pipe!
A Simple Solution for Surface and Sub-Surface Water Management
Technical Performance Data From Accredited Laboratories

A Ground-Breaking New Material.
A Wide Range of Applications.

• Water Runoff Filtration

• Sub-Base (patios, roads, etc.)

• Concrete Forms (form & drainage all-in-one)

• Stormwater Capture

• Green Buildings

• NPDES, MS4 Compliance


How It Works

Break-Through Technology!


An extremely wide range of uses.


It’s a long list!


Example HydroBlox Uses: